"One of the most compelling speakers we have ever seen."  


"Inspirational message.  Powerful and effective.  Stunning story."  




Reed Cowan is one of those extraordinary human beings with the unique ability of being able to speak in an arena filled with thousands of teenagers, where you are able to hear a pin drop.    Some people just know how to connect with others and Reed Cowan is one of those who have that special gift.
US Ambassador Jon Huntsman & Mary Kaye Huntsman

Great personal tragedy laid atop an enduring struggle for equal treatment might crush the soul of many a strong man, but Reed Cowan has learned to turn his pain into jet fuel for the soul, turning adversity into pure purpose. His story is inspiring. His energy is contagious.

Dustin Lance Black, OSCAR Winning Screenwriter MILK 


Author, Mama's Boy

Not only has Reed Cowan endured tremendous personal struggle, he also has a unique sense of empathy that allows him to understand others and share his own experience in a way that is both uplifting and inspiring. Reed is a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we all have the power to succeed and overcome.
Abby Huntsman

It is Reed’s love and compassion for humanity that truly defines who he is. A tireless advocate for the oppressed, those in need, living in poverty, as well as a defender of human rights on all levels, Reed is champion in not only fighting the fight but also motivating others to join the fight and make a difference. Reed leads by example and inspires many to live life more consciously and abundantly.
Louis Aguirre Network Tv Host

Reed Cowan is one of those rare people who have turned personal tragedy and adversity into a platform for helping others. He is a survivor whose impassioned and articulate voice champions equal rights, children’s rights and an appeal to find the best in all of us.

Sam Harris
Entertainer &  

TONY Nominated Broadway Star & Author

Reed is one of the most engaging storytellers I've ever met, with the innate ability to speak right to your soul.  With his honesty, courage and humility, audiences are drawn in and captivated. Reed uses his own life experience to teach audiences valuable lessons and to live a life of purpose.  Audiences leave refreshed and ready to tackle life.

Spencer West

Opening act for Demi Lovato, 
Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on his hands
Author & Motivational Speaker

Reed is a captivating speaker with an inspiring story that speaks to the triumph of the human spirit. He is someone who reminds us all of the incredible potential of individuals to build a better world, everyday.
Craig & Marc Kielburger
Founders, Free The Children
Children's Nobel Peace Prize Nominees

Reed is an inspiring, courageous, and creative man whose life is a testament to his dynamism and generosity. His presentations are compelling, and he can inspire any one to transform, to find their passion, and to take bold action! I recommend him without reservation to inspire your audience.
Sarah McLean

McLean Meditation
Deepak Chopra Center Speaker & Trainer & Author

Reed is one of the most caring and kind people I have had the privilege to know in my life and brings this to everything he does. Giving practical and real world meditation guidance always complimented by deep and meaningful stories and experiences. Reed is a masterful communicator with a genuine desire to share great things with others. I look forward to seeing Reed make an impact on so many people, like I know he will.
David Hauser, Creator GRASSHOPPER


I have seen up close and personal that Reed is a remarkable man and an inspiring speaker and trainer.  His own life experience plus his great heart and innovative mind make him a treasure in the world of communication and leadership.
Carol Lynn Pearson

New York Times Best Selling Author